Today you are saving CO2

We only have one planet

If everyone lived like we do in Switzerland, we’d need 2.8 planets. But we only have one. And only one climate. That’s why we’re sending out a signal with ONE Climate Day. Because about a third of all environmental pollution is caused by how we feed ourselves in Switzerland. For many people, an important eating place is their personnel restaurant or their student canteen. That’s why we want to put climate protection on the menu. Together with your help we can reduce our CO2 footprint and make a contribution to environmental protection.

Environmental pollution through food

  • 34%Food and hotel industry
  • 7%Clothing
  • 20%Power consumption in households
  • 12%Living
  • 7%Health
  • 13%Private mobility
  • 7%Services

Jungbluth, N. et al. 2011, Environmental Impact Points

What causes environmental pollution?

Environmental pollution is found in four different sectors: in transport, in what we buy, what we offer and how we operate. So on ONE Climate Day we use no food products that have travelled by air freight, because they use many times more CO2 in comparison to products that have been transported by sea or road. Instead, we are putting an emphasis on seasonal products. These not only have a much shorter transport route behind them, but they are also much fresher when they arrive on your plate.

CO2 emission per kilometre and tonne of freight

The various foods we offer alone make up some 50 % of environmental pollution. Thus, for example, 1 kg of beef causes up to 17 kg of CO2 – but the same amount of seasonal vegetables is only responsible for 1 kg of CO2. Vegetarian meals thus put a far lesser burden on our planet than dishes with meat. All the same, you naturally don’t have to forgo meat on ONE Climate Day, because we are offering you meals with poultry and fish from Switzerland. These also cause considerably less CO2 than meals with beef.

CO2 comparison of meals

Veggie burgerWith sautéed potatoes and coleslawBeef hamburgerWith bacon and French fries

Climate protection begins on your plate

On ONE Climate Day we are offering special, climate-friendly dishes. We are using no products transported by air, as few vegetables as possible from fossil-fuelled greenhouses, and we are cooking with seasonal ingredients, poultry and fish from Switzerland. This means that we can save CO2 compared to a normal day in one of our restaurants.

You can experience how good climate protection can taste – and we wish you bon appetit!